Common Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Getting injured or sick from a job-related task can be devastating. When this occurs, you can lose wages, incur extensive medical bills and face other expenses linked with your recovery. But thanks to workers’ compensation insurance, you can be remunerated for your medical costs and lost wages. If you’ve recently suffered from a work-related injury […]

Medical Malpractice: The Essential Info

A medical malpractice lawsuit may be filed in situations where an individual suffers damages because of actions taken by a medical caregiver. Although not every injury may qualify as medical malpractice, you should always talk to a medical malpractice lawyer about your situation to make sure. Below, you can read more about medical malpractice and […]

Injured At Work? 3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Family Afloat While Waiting For A Settlement

The most stressful part about being injured at work might not have anything to do with your injury or the way you were injured—it might have everything to do with your finances. After being injured, you may not have any money coming in until your lawyer secures a settlement for you, but you will have […]

How Do The Self-Employed Claim Lost Income In A Personal Injury Case?

Being self-employed requires you to do many things differently than the average working American. For example, you must file taxes differently by filling out a 1099 form and many would suggest that you do this quarterly instead of once a year. Another problem that a self-employed person may find difficult, especially if you have just […]

Don’t Settle for a Denial: 4 Things You Need to Do If You’re Denied Disability Benefits

If you’ve had your application for social security disability denied, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Some people mistakenly give up trying once they’ve had their claim denied. That’s the worst thing they can do. Now that your claim has been denied, you need to sit down with a lawyer who specializes in disability […]

How To Create A Living Trust

A living trust allows you to put your property like real estate, stocks, bonds, valuable collections, and other items of value into a trust so you can pass those belongings along to your beneficiaries without going through the probate process. Avoiding probate can lower your estate taxes, keep your personal and family financial affairs from […]